007 The World Is Not Enough
Bonds Gadgets/Weapons Walthur PPK
Bonds favorite and most commonly used weapon. He originally preferred his Beretta but was forced by M to take this, more powerful weapon.

- Attaché Case
One of 007's most memorable weapons. It is given to Bond by Q and is equipped with.

Magnetic tin of talcum powder containing tear gas.

- Hidden hunting knife.

- Fifty gold sovereigns.

Although the most impressive part of this case is that to open it you much first turn the locks horizontally. Failure to do this will result in the tear case container exploding (as Red Grant found out).

- Homer
This tracking bug was placed onto Goldfinger's car enabling Bond to track him as he travels through Europe. Bond's Aston Martin contains the equipment needed to track where this device is. The device is extremely powerful and is able to track distances of up to 150 miles.
- Mini Breather Tablet
This tablet is given to Bond by Q. When placed in the mouth it allows the user to survive underwater for up to four minutes without drowning. This gadget saves Bond's life when he is thrown in a shark tank by Largo.

- Rolex Watch
This watch has a strong magnetic field which is designed to deflect a bullet 9if Bond is shot at). Bond finds a better use for the device - to undress the zip of Miss Caruso's dress. The watch also comes with a built in saw which enabled Bond to escape from Kananga.

- The Golden Gun
Used by the deadly hitman Scaramanga. This gun is broken down into many parts enabling the villain to transport his weapon without being arrested.

The gun is made up of
Cigarette case (for the handle)Lighter (Bullet chamber)Fountain pen (The barrel)Cuff link (the trigger)
Scaramanga puts his weapon together when being yelled at by Hi Fat. Scaramanga then shoots him dead.
- Wrist Dart Gun
An essential gadget that saves Bond's life. This innocent looking watch is armed with five amour piercing darts and five cyanide darts (capable of killing the victim in under 30 seconds). Bond uses this weapon to kill Drax while in space.
- Lasers
Quite literally a stupid weapon. This is one of the films biggest flaws, as well as taking Bond into space. This weapon is obviously highly inspired by Star Wars (which was in bug competition with the Bond series in the late 70's). The US Marine astronauts use these weapons in the film's climax.
ATAC - Automated Targeting Attack Communicator is a gadget that emits a code to tell British Polaris submarines where to launch their missiles. The ATAC is onboard the ship St. George's which is sunk by a mine at the start of the film. Bond is sent to retrieve the device and ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands...
- Philips Keyring Finder
This gadget is capable of releasing stun gas whenever Bond whistles the first notes of Rule Britannia. It also contains a plastic explosive which is set off when Bond does a wolf whistle. It also contains a set of keys capable of unlocking 90% of the worlds locks.
- Detonite Toothpaste
This may look like an ordinary tube of toothpaste, but it really contains a tube of plastic explosive which is set off by a cigarette packet. Bond uses this in a (failed) attempt to kill Sanchez.
- Signature Gun
This powerful weapon is designed as a Hasselblad camera. It only works for Bond's palm and no one else's. It fires .220 calibur bullets.
- Goldeneye
The disc used by the Russians to generate the access codes for the two satellites. this will enable them to be converted into weapons which set of an electromagnetic fields which causes any electrical device in the area to fail.
- Ericsson Cellular Phone
One of Bond's best gadgets in the series.

It comes complete with...

A fingerprint scanner.

Laser beam capable of cutting steel.

Lock pick (canceled as aerial).

20,000 volt security weapon.

Control for his new BMW 750iL operated by a touch pad and viewed on a CCTV screen.
- Walther P99
Bond's new walther. This is given to Bond by Wai Lin. It is much more powerful than his previous Walthur, it is a 9mm weapon and 16 rounds of ammunition.

GPS Encoder
A device owned by the CIA that interferes with satellites thus giving the wrong orders to military ships. It is stolen by Henry Gupta and given to Elliot Carver who directs a UK military ship into China seas causing much havoc.


Bond has two pairs of glasses although the main aim is not to help him with his reading. The first pair is used to detonate his Walthur P99 in a style of a remote mine. The second pair he can use to see through peoples clothing. Good for checking for weapons in jackets and for seeing the women in Valentines casino...

Visa Card - Lock Pick
The credit card never leaves home without. This card isn't used for shopping though it conceals a lock pick which Bond uses it to break into Davidos caravan.


Bonds new watch. Comes equip with a built in grappling hook enabling him to grasp onto walls (Batman style). It also comes complete with a built in light.


Bond's Jacket
Bond jacket not only keeps him warm it shields him and Elektra from a nasty fall by turning into an air packed bubble. Just tug the zip as R found out in a hilarious sequence.
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